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Base Maps
Before making any attempt to start the engine for the first time after installing your Hydra Nemesis 2.7 system, you must ensure that the unit contains a base map with maps and settings appropriate to your specific engine and vehicle and configuration.
Your Hydra EMS dealer can choose from several different methods of providing you with an appropriate base map. These include:
  • loading a base map into the Hydra Nemesis 2.7 unit before shipment;
  • placing the base map on the software CD provided with the unit;
  • placing the base map on their web site for download or
  • sending the base map to you upon request via email.
If you are unsure of which method your Hydra EMS dealer selected, please contact them for further assistance.
If a base map was loaded into the Hydra Nemesis 2.7 unit before shipment by your Hydra EMS dealer, this map will automatically be uploaded to your laptop as soon as you establish communications with your Hydra Nemesis 2.7 unit the first time.
Save a copy of the base map before making any changes to the maps and settings so that you can always return the Hydra Nemesis 2.7 unit back to its original state. To do this, select File→Save As:

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This will open a file dialog box. Enter a name for the base map and click the Save button:

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If the base map is provided on the software CD, insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive. Give the laptop a few seconds to read and recognize the CD. Select File→Open.

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The software will tell you that doing this will overwrite the current map in the ECU. Click “Yes”.
Select the name of the base map that most closely matches your engine and vehicle configuration and double-click it.
A progress bar will appear indicating that the map is being uploaded to the Hydra Nemesis 2.7 unit:

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Once this is complete, save a copy of the base map on your laptop hard disk:

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