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Connecting Your Hydra EMS Nemesis ECU
This section covers connecting the Hydra ECU to the Hydra Nemesis software on your computer. There are five steps to connecting the Hydra ECU to your computer.

  • 1. Plug in the Hydra ECU to your car using the included Plug & Play harness.
  • 2. Connect the Hydra ECU to your laptop using a Serial cable. Be careful to not inadvertently try to plug-in your Serial cable into a VGA port, as both connectors are similar. Do not start the Hydra Nemesis software.
  • 3. Turn the car’s ignition key to ON.
  • 4. Start the Hydra Nemesis software. The software should automatically connect to the Hydra ECU via the pre-set COM port. If you do not set the ignition to ON prior to starting the software, you may still connect the Hydra Nemesis software to the Hydra ECU by clicking the “Connect” button:

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  • 5. You can now begin tuning with the pre-loaded map inside the Hydra ECU. The next section of this manual covers downloading new maps to the ECU.