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Registering Unit
This post details the registration process for registering your Hydra EMS Unit.

Every Hydra EMS 2.7 unit shipped since April 8th, 2012 has a 90-day period from the date of manufacture of the unit to be registered for warranty and technical support. This covers
both upgrades and new units. Therefore it is imperative that as soon as a unit is purchased, that it is registered with us. When registered, the unit will have its warranty and its free technical support activated from the date of request for registration for a period of one year. A unit's warranty and technical support status can be viewed anytime at

Units that are not activated within 90 days of their respective manufacture dates will have their warranties activated from the date of manufacture for a period of one year. Technical support for such units will be available at $75/inquiry on a case-by-case basis. We cannot specifically remind users to register their units with us as we have no personal information from the seller. Therefore the onus is on the buyer to register with us.

Finding Your Serial Number
Each individual Nemesis 2.7 unit has a unique serial number, both new units and upgraded ones. To find the serial number, locate the sticker on your unit beginning with "FHZ". This is your serial number. If the sticker is at all damaged to the point where it is unreadable, the serial number can also be found by connecting the unit to a computer and running the Nemesis 2.7 software. Once the unit is connected to the software, a green box in the lower left-hand corner will indicate the connected unit's serial number. This is useful if there is a problem in verifying a serial number when contacting support.

To find the unit's manufacture date, look at the serial number. Immediately after the "FHZ" part of the serial number is a six-digit code, like 050111. These digits indicate the unit's manufacture date in the format MMDDYY, so in this particular case, the units manufacture date with the code 050111 would be May 1st, 2011. This unit would have 90 days from May 1st, 2011 to be registered in our system.

Registering Your Unit
To register your unit, verify that your unit is still eligible to be registered. We keep a list at Locate your serial number on that list and verify that your eligibility is not expired. If you are still within 90 days of the manufacture date, continue below.

1. Go to
2. Click on "Submit a Ticket"
3. Select "Eligible Nemesis 2.7 Registration", then click on "Submit Ticket."
4. Enter your Name, Email, type "Registration" in Subject, and enter your serial number. Type "Nemesis 2.7 Registration" into the text box.
5. Enter the CAPTCHA by typing in the distorted letters in the designated box. This helps Hydra EMS reduce spam.
6. Click the checkbox marked, "Email Notification on Staff Replies."
7. Verify that the information you have provided is correct, then click "Submit Ticket."
8. In a few days, we will verify that your unit is eligible and reply to your ticket with a registration confirmation, along with expiry dates for your warranty and technical support. Keep this e-mail safe in your records as it is proof of registration with us.