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Support Options for Nemesis Devices
If you have any questions regarding Hydra EMS products or services, please call us at 510-870-5237.
Nemesis 2.1
Nemesis 2.1 owners who purchased their unit from an authorized dealer with proof of purchase may receive support via web or phone for a fee of $75.
Nemesis 2.7
Complimentary support is available to registered users within their units' support period. Information on registration can be found below.
Nemesis 2.6
All Nemesis 2.6 units are out of their technical support period. To receive support, please contact us via phone or web. A $75 fee may apply for support requests.
Nemesis 2.5
Nemesis 2.5 owners who purchased their unit from an authorized dealer with proof of purchase may receive support via web or phone for a fee of $75.
Registration Information
Updated: February 15, 2013

Every Hydra EMS 2.7 unit shipped since April 8th, 2012 has a 60-day period from the date of sale of the unit to be registered for warranty and technical support. This covers both upgrades and new units. Therefore it is imperative that as soon as a unit is purchased or upgraded, that it be registered with us. When registered, the unit will have its warranty and its free technical support activated from the date of request for registration for a period of one year. A proof of purchase may be required for verification.

Units that are not activated within 60 days of their respective purchase dates will have their warranties activated from the date of manufacture for a period of one year. Technical support for such units will be available at $75/inquiry on a case-by-case basis. We cannot specifically remind users to register their units with us as we have no personal information from the seller. Therefore the onus is on the buyer to register with us.

Finding Your Serial Number
Each individual Nemesis 2.7 unit has a unique serial number, both new units and upgraded ones. The serial number can be found by connecting the unit to a computer and running the Nemesis 2.7 software. Once the unit is connected to the software, a green box in the lower left-hand corner will indicate the connected unit's serial number.

Registering Your Unit
1. Go to
2. Click "Register" in the right-hand box.
3. Type in your first and last name in the "First and Last Name" field.
4. Enter your make, model, and year of the car your unit was manufactured for in the designated field.
5. Enter your serial number in the designated field.
Please double-check your serial number. Incorrect serial numbers will not be registered. You will be asked via e-mail to provide a valid serial number.
7. Enter the anti-spam code in the box as it appears in the picture.
7. Click the "Submit" button.

Upon receiving your request we will activate your account if there are no issues. We will e-mail you if we have any concerns regarding your registration. You will then be able to access "Eligible Nemesis 2.7 Support" when submitting a ticket.

Units Activated Before December 26, 2012
Before December 26, 2012, we required the use of a ticket to be submitted for registration. This is no longer the case. Please follow the same instructions in the "Registering Your Unit" in order to access "Eligible Nemesis 2.7 Support" when submitting a ticket. Your registration has already been completed; all we require is the creation of an account. If you require immediate assistance and do not wish to wait for account creation, please give us a call.

Submitting A Ticket
If you have registered your unit with us and have created an account at , you may submit a ticket by clicking signing in and clicking on "Submit A Ticket". Select "Eligible Nemesis 2.7 Support" and submit your ticket. You must be logged in to submit a Nemesis 2.7 support ticket.

If you are requesting support for a Nemesis 2.6 unit or older, you are not required to register. Simply click on "Submit A Ticket" without signing in and submit your ticket. Note that your support request may require a $75 fee per inquiry.